Challenges to Francis’ Vision

by | Mar 22, 2013 | Pope, Vincentian Family

John L. Allen Jr.  offers thoughts on Challenges to vision of a ‘Poor Church for the Poor’  

“How I would like a poor church for the poor,” Francis said. It’s a fitting sentiment for a pope who took his name from Francis of Assisi, a saint renowned for his love affair with Lady Poverty.
Now that the new pope has reached the end of his beginning, the focus will shift from style to substance, meaning the hard work of translating his promising start into the nuts and bolts of policy. With regard to fostering a “poor church for the poor,” Francis will face at least four challenges right out of the gate.

1. The myth and reality of Vatican wealth…

2. Financial transparency….

3. The church and politics…

4. Simplicity vs. security….


One may not agree with his analysis of the these issues but they are certainly in people’s minds. Read the full article and share what you think.



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