Systematic Change Within Communities

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Daughters of Charity, Systemic change

At St. Joseph Services, a ministry of the Daughters of Charity, they’re dedicated to changing lives through education and developing communities by building from within.

We provide our students – both adults and children – with role models who come from within their own neighbohood. Whether it’s developing youth through our after school programs, tutoring and sports camps, or educating adults in our ESL, computer and adult basic education programs, we transform lives!

St. Joseph Services partners with faith-based schools, using their facilities for a “school-by-day, community-center-by-night” model.  Because we also engage the best volunteers, we provide you with the highest quality program services for FREE wherever possible.

Special thanks to Sr. Roberta Treppa and Sr. Liz Sjoberg for their creativity, dedication and love in making this video.

Our Unique Difference”

From their website….

We’re excited you’re choosing to improve your situation – for you, your family, and your neighborhood! You’ll find the warm and welcoming atmosphere encourages our regular participants to become volunteers, and volunteers to become staff, building programs from the inside out and ultimately transforming your community from within.  In fact, the site manager for your SJS Community Center was raised right in your neighborhood!

Growing up there, our staff really understands your needs, making them uniquely qualified to identify services to help your community. Best practice techniques, including the Logic Model of Change and Youth Program Quality Assessment, guide the design of all our programs, giving you and your neighborhood the best hope for a brighter future. You even get to set your own goals!

Forward-thinking approaches bring us to new communities all the time as we bring educational opportunities to meet you where you are.  Innovative designs include the workplace community – teaching literacy on-site for a more highly skilled workforce.

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