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Sr. Mary Ellen Lacy, DC was interviewed by Susan Candiotti on CNN March 4. (There is a  brief ad which precedes the clip.)

Lacy - titleSister Mary Ellen Lacy works as a lobbyist on various issues at NETWORK. She is a Daughter of Charity and a lobbyist who focuses primarily on Immigration, Healthcare, Nutrition and Gulf Coast Restoration issues.  She is a licensed registered nurse, nursing home administrator and attorney.  Immediately prior to joining the Network staff in August of 2011, Sister Mary Ellen provided legal services to impoverished victims of Katrina and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill and represented numerous individuals before the Social Security Administration in Alabama. She also has an extensive work history in the non-for-profit acute and long term healthcare industry.
Editor’s note: St. Vincent de Paul never had the title of “lobbyist” but certainly lobbied in the corridors of power on behalf of the poor and the marginalized of his.





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