A Lenten perspective on aging

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Carving out space for God to fill up!

“The mystic Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin says the loss of bodily and mental abilities in old age is but the creator carving out large cavities in us so to fill them up with God. Instead of begrudgingly enduring your aging physical or mental decline, see it with the eyes of God as an act of divine love.

“Your Beloved’s all-encompassing love for you from the beginning has nothing to do with your possessing a youthfully appealing body or the intellect of a scholar. You have been and are now unconditionally loved, even with a wrinkled, perhaps even incontinent body and a sometimes forgetful mind.

“This beautiful insight of Teilhard is also a frightening challenge. The bottom line of this mystic wisdom of Teilhard is that each tribulation of aging becomes a divine homework assignment.”

From an article by Ed Hayes in the NCR

Another perspective on Pope Emeritus Benedict.


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