Vincentians – who are we?

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Gratefulness. org is inviting people to be “Guardians for Gratefulness” As I read the description of who they are the verbs stood out.

I began thinking, “How would a group of Vincentians complete those sentences in the context of being Servants of those who are poor and marginalized?”

Guardians for Gratefulness: Who We Are

We are a community, a circle of belonging and connectedness with one another, and we are committed to growing our circle so it is an ever-expanding and deepening community of mutuality and contribution worldwide.
We hold the vision of a world of grateful living: that is, a world of peace, mutuality, justice, responsibility, and belonging.
We are the space for ANG*L, A Network For Grateful Living, to thrive, grow, and prosper.
We engage in grateful living ourselves as a daily practice and seek to embody the distinctions of gratefulness in all we do and become.
We endeavor to bring the language of gratefulness, gratitude, thanksgiving, and appreciation into our daily speech and action.
We seek out opportunities to make the distinctions of gratefulness and ANG*L real and available to others.
We use the portal of the ANG*L website,, as a place and space, a hub and a classroom, to connect, to learn, to contribute, to study, to practice, to share, to explore, to contemplate, to pray, to touch and inspire others, and to be touched and inspired ourselves.
We invite others to visit the website and join the growing global network of hearts and souls in ANG*L.
We provide sustained, dependable, long-term financial support to ensure the viability of ANG*L and Br. David Steindl-Rast’s legacy.
We commit to being part of a circle of succession for Brother David that ensures a profound future for his body of work.
We provide our talents, skills, connections, and expertise to ANG*L and in particular to the board and staff to provide on-going strength for the organization and its work.
We commit to nourish the succession process and ensure its viability so that ANG*L and its profound potential for this world unfolds with beauty, integrity, and grace over years to come.

Transcending for the moment our historical affiliations could this be a framework for articulating what we have in common and who we are as followers of Vincent and Louise? We stand in a long tradition of those who lived these verbs.


We are a community...
We hold the vision…
We are the space …
We engage in …
We endeavor to bring the language
We seek out opportunities …
We use the portal …
We invite others …
We provide …
We commit

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