Does Your Association Need Revitalizing?

Then here is A plan! So say  Lucy Saunders, LCUSA President, and Sr. Frances Ryan, DC, Spiritual Moderator

The New Orleans Ladies of Charity under the leadership of Adrian Kappesser, president, has worked with Sister Fran Ryan, LCUSA Spiritual Moderator, on this five step plan. This process is not only for the New Orleans LOC but can be adapted to other local associations who are faced with a decreasing membership. Everyone’s prayers are asked for the success of this process to revitalize New Orleans and other local associations.

The plan is:

1. targeting projects for the poor, Systemic Change and Direct Service projects: A project for the poor needs to be selected before recruitment of future Ladies of Charity and Jr. Ladies of Charity. For example, an opportunity to help the “Homeless in DePaul USA” has newly emerged at St. Joseph Parish, New Orleans, La., as a systemic change project. Needs of schools with Daughters of Charity present also can be identified.

2. identify a process to meet Needs of the poor: A process is needed to evaluate requests from other projects with the schools that might benefit poorer children. A “Request Form for a Project” needs to be created and discussed. An annual fund-raising event should be planned.

3. Work for “Good timing” in the Association: How often should the Ladies of Charity meet? Would every month or every other month be best? Advertise with “reasonable expectations” of new members, for example: “Can you give two hours of direct service to the poor each week and also attend a bi-monthly meeting? Come join us!” A reception for new members should be planned to give further details and answer questions.

4. Vital Role of Spiritual moderator/Spiritual Animator: The role of the Daughters of Charity, Federation of Sisters of Charity, Lay Trained Lady of Charity (see LCUSA website for “Lay Formation of Spiritual Moderator”) as a “Spiritual Moderator” is vital for spiritual animation. Assistance with spiritual resources to help them in their roles as spiritual animators for the Ladies of Charity can be obtained from LCUSA’s National Service Center. There could be consideration of an annual day of retreat.

5. Recruitment in the parishes, City or towns for New members (Newly Retired Women): What would be the best process to reach, particularly, women who are newly retired and might give assistance for a few hours?

The Handbook for Membership, with good recruitment materials, is available through LCUSA. 79 million persons in the baby boomer generation are retiring; women in this group would be great members for the local association if asked to help with specific projects for the poor and were invited to a reception to learn more.,Junior Ladies of Charity Associations should be greatly encouraged. ✟


Lucy Saunders visited the New Orleans LOC. Pictured (from left) are Lucy Saunders, Sr. Kathleen Driscoll, Claire Pelleteri, Colleen Sullivan, Adrian Kappesser and Mary Leggio.


Adapted from Fall 2012 Servicette (pdf)

Fall 2012 |


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