A Vincentian martyr’s faith and humor

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As he was fleeing persecution at age 70 he wrote… “I want none of this world’s goods, apart from a decent watch; only one of the ones you sent two years ago was any good. The others began by gaining an hour every day, and later two hours; then they all contracted a recurrent fever which led to their deaths, so if you’ve anything in the line of a decent watch I’d like you to send it along, and some money after it.”

Clet prayerHe also wrote “I’ve a great dislike of being Superior, but they forced me to accept, in spiteof my obvious unsuitability.”.

February 18 is the feast of Francis Regis Clet (1748-1820), a martyr.

In this Year of Faith VinFormation offers a presentation of an illustrated collection of facts from his biography as well as selections from his letters that shed light on his faith. The presentation is based on a study by Fr. T. Davitt, CM.



See also http://www.famvin.org/wiki/Francis_Regis_Clet


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  1. Sr Amanda

    We had a St Francis Regis Clet themed Rosary in the Seminary yesterday, thanks to this presentation. Thanks for sharing!

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