Days of Lent 2013Living the Days of Lent 2013 edited by Ellen Dauwer, SC and Mary McCormick, SC. A short meditation for each day of the season of Lent, with illustrations and detachable pages that can be posted for convenient reflection reminders. It is available on Barnes and Noble and many other sites.

Each year the Church gifts us with forty days of Lent, followed by fifty days of Easter. During this quarter of the Church year we have the opportunity to enter into the Paschal Mystery as fully as possible. Our everyday lives are filled with times of suffering and dying as well as times of rising and renewing. In Lent we are invited to unite our individual times of suffering and death with those of the broader Church and ultimately with those of Jesus.

The pages that follow were written by  a Sister of Charity of Saint Elizabeth of New Jersey  and Mary McCormick, a Sister of Charity of New York ,whose Congregations minister to those who suffer in many ways: in hospitals and hospices, in classrooms and clinics, and in parishes and pastoral centers.
May our Lenten journey this year be one that will enable us to touch our pain, the pain of others, and the pain of the world in a way that will open us all to the healing touch of Jesus.  To purchase Living the Days of Lent,visit Paulist Press or  Barnes and Noble
To see versions from earlier year visit Barnes and Noble

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