Scenes from “Dialogue with Islam”

by | Jan 29, 2013 | Vincentian Family

Over sixty Vincentians from 37 countries  journeyed to Pohsarang in Indonesia to join the Catholics in celebration of Sunday Eucharist. Yakobis Surabaya presents a musical interlude capturing scenes from the symposium of interreligious dialogue with Islam in Pacet, August 2011. Pohsarang is famous for its antique and unique Church in Javanese style built with river stones.

The Church and its mission in Pohsarang was initiated by Fr. Jan Wolters CM, one of the Vincentian missionaries in Java, with help of the well known dutch architect, Maclain Pont in 1936. The amazing thing is that the Pohsarang Church building carved beautiful inculturation of the Church far before the Second Vatican Council talked about inculturation. Pohsarang is now a place of pilgrimage for Catholics and beautifully also for people of other faiths.

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