Vincentians in the Solomon Islands

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Congregation of the Mission, Vincentian Family | 3 comments

A 6:42 min video clip shows some scenes from the Vincentian International Mission at Honiara in Solomon Islands (some scenes have previously appeared on YouTube) and also gives some information about the people and situations currently existing in Solomon Islands.



  1. jbf

    Omission has been corrected in the post and here is the link.

  2. Carol Craven Brunson

    I am the great niece of Dr. Jane Wells Craven, who I understand was a daughter of charity, order of Vincent de Paul in Istanbul Turkey. I am trying to find out more about her for a book I plan to write about her. If you have any knowledge of her, or any records or letters, I would be very grateful. I believe she was there in 1932.

    Thank you,
    Carol Craven Brunson

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