Resources for the Feast of Frederic Ozanam

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Something new … and somethings old.

Something new…VinFormation offers a new resource for the feast of Blessed Frederic .

Somethings old… a collection of famvin news items from the past

Sep 6, 2008  Who was Frederic – what did he do and say and what is his significance for today ? FAMVIN.ORG has compiled a short list of links helpful in…/resources-for-the-feast-of-bl-fredericozanam/
Frédéric Ozanam was a 20 year old university student when he was challenged by another student to put action to his words about his Catholic faith. Along with…resources/…/fredericozanam/
One Response to “Frederic Ozanam and the Origins of the SSVDP”. Lynn L’ Heureux says: May 10, 2012 at 9:31 am. I was mesmerized by this. Do you have the…resources/…/fredericozanam-and-the-origins-of- the-ssvdp/
Oct 14, 2010  Two major new sources are now available in English. An insightful biography long available on the Spanish site has been…/new-sources-for-understanding-fredericozanam/
100. / 100. Café St. Vincent. Soup du Jour. Click on this graphic to select it. Then select Menu Window > Component Inspector. Enter the desired parameter…resources/…/fredericozanam-part-1/
May 22, 2012  Antoine Frederic Ozanam was a great apostle of charity and reconciliation, an important thinker,  Looking for Vincentian Formation Resources…/fredericozanam-apostle-of-charity-and-reconciliation/
Sep 7, 2010  As we celebrate his feast we find numerous resources on and other Frédéric Ozanam – A Layman for Now – Shaun McCarty, S.T.…/celebrating-fredericozanam-a-man-ahead-of-his-times/
6 days ago  BEATIFICATION OF FRÉDÉRIC OZANAM HOMILY OF JOHN PAUL II ….. Resources on Our Founders · July 31: Foundation of the Sisters of…/15-years-since-the-beatification-of-fredericozanam/
Jun 13, 2011  As Coordinator of the Blessed Frederic Ozanam Institute of  Bl Frederic Ozanam ‘s great mission was and is the spirit of a great apostle, says

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  1. jbf

    An excellent 15 minute video
    No Time Like Now- the Life and Times of Frederic Ozanam. This video puts Frederic squarely in the life and times of a country facing massive social change. In doing so it presents a side of Frederic that is perhaps too little appreciated. There is much food for thought for the Vincentian Family as it comes to grips with working toward a hand up to those on the margins of society. The Society of St Vincent de Paul (Vinnies) in Australia produced the video which posted to YouTube by the SVDP in Scotland.

    Questions to think about…

    What similarities struck you between the issues Frederic was concerned about in his day and the issues we face today?
    Was there anything about the video the surprised you about Frederic’s response to the conditions of his times?
    Who are the contemporary young Frederic’s in our midst?
    The above taken from

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