What is takes to create a Vincentian mural on a building

by | Aug 2, 2012 | Vincentian Family | 2 comments

A four year project coming to completion…. Bro. Mark Elder has returned to the DePaul Catholic School in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, to complete a mural he began 4 years ago.  Bro. Mark has been coordinating the mural with Steve Janczewski, the Vice Principal of DePaul Catholic.  Steve saw Bro. Mark’s work through the Famvin site…and the rest is history.  The first year was a year of meetings, with students, faculty, and neighbors, telling them about the process of the mural and asking for their help in visioning what should go on the walls.  Bro. Mark took everyone’s ideas into consideration when creating this mural.  In July of 2010, Bro. Mark arrived in Philly to begin the process of painting the mural.  This process included help from the teachers at DePaul Catholic, school children and their parents, neighbors,and members of St. Vincent de Paul Parish.  By the end of July, the first part of the mural was on the front wall of the building.

Bro. Mark returned in July of 2011 to continue the painting of the mural panels.  Once again he was joined by teachers, students, family members, neighbors and parishioners from St. Vincent’s to help with the painting.  All the mural panels were painted by the end of July, however, the placing on the wall would have to wait another year. Bro. Mark returned to Germantown on July  12, 2012 for the final phase of this process.  By mid – August the entire mural should be up.   We plan to have a dedication of the mural, attended by the entire school body, on the Feast of St. Vincent, Sept. 27.


  1. jbf

    The mural at the DePaul Catholic School is complete! Bro. Mark finished the varnishing today…and we hung the credits!

  2. Bill Habeney

    Mark, I remember you from Novitiate in SantaBarbara. Your mural in Germantown is awesome!! Good to see what you are doing now. God bless the Vincentians and good Daughters of Charity!

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