Fr. Barron – Spirit of Vatican II

by | Jul 4, 2012 | Church | 3 comments

Fr. Robert Barron, who some consider as a contemporary Bishop Fulton Sheen, share his reflections on the meaning of Vatican II. As someone who was privileged to have been present in St. Peter’s while the Council was in session his reflections brought back many memories of December 1965. There are memories of the Cafe Bar Jonah just off the main body of St. Peter’s. I grew up reading Yves Congar whose book he cites. In the early sessions of the council I remember waiting for the pioneering reporting of Xavier Rynne who turned out to be the American Redemptorist writing dsipatches for the New Yorker. I also lived through the split that he refers to at the end of his video and which can be seen reflected in the comments on the YouTube page.


  1. Sr. Honora Remes

    Brilliant, but down to my level of understanding –alll at once. Thanks for sharing!

  2. jbf

    Sr. Honora, I guess that is why he is seen as walking in the footsteps of Fulton Sheen.

  3. jbf

    Here is another take from Archbishop RIno Fischella

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