Vinnies video – solutions to homelessness

by | Jun 24, 2012 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses, Vincentian Family | 2 comments

This video with insights into poverty was proudly produced by our partner Moving Presentations. This inspiring short film shows that there are solutions and paths out of homelessness.
The Vinnies in Australia give thanks to Moving Presentations for taking on this inspiring corporate story telling project.

Visit to see how you can help.


  1. Bill Anderson

    Working to find solutions to end homelessness is noble work. Working to create homelessness is not. To read my story, search for “New police weapon against homeless” and “Historic coverup of FBI and police crimes currently taking place”. Bill Anderson Masters degree Harding University 93

  2. Bill Anderson

    My spiritual question is would the Good Samaritan have stopped to help if a government official was standing over the body telling him to move along?

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