Protestant Technology Group meets in Rome

by | Jun 24, 2012 | Technology: Issues and Uses

According to a video on for 17 years now a very special conference has taken place in Rome. It’s organized by the European Christian Internet Conference, which brings together European Christians who are serious and passionate about the Internet and all the possibilities that come along with it.

This year, the focus is how to connect with more people through celular phones. Even though the group is not not Catholic, it’s actually protestant, members made it a point to visit the Vatican to share ideas and projects.

JUHA KINANEN Former President, European Christian Internet Conference “I am here because it is very interesting to hear what the Vatican is doing with the Internet. The Holy See has been on the Internet for a quite a long time and it’s quite interesting to see what is happening in the Vatican and in the Internet”.

MSGR. PAUL TIGHE Secretary, Pontifical Council for Social Communications “This is our chance to meet with peolple who are working day in and day out on the digitla arena with the network of European Christian webmasters who know this culture extremely well. We are here to learn from them and so we can be more effectivly present on the digital arena.

Also discussed is how the Internet can lead people to God. So the question is, how can New Technologies be used to promote religion?

LEIF EIMAN Participant “We are mostly discussing different approaches about getting to people on the Internet. We have different problems in different countries. So is a bit, quite diversified.”

JUHA KINANEN Former President, European Christian Internet Conference “For example we have an application where if something is happening in a church you pass by, it’s displayed on your phone, and if you’re interested you can go.” The conference also focuses on the connection between the spiritual and technology, since over the years, it has been proven that both can benefit from one another.


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