Finding God in Airports?

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Certainly a question for the many members of the Vincentian family who often find themselves in airports. writes “Benedict XVI met with airport chaplains and flight attendants to promote the ‘The New Evangelization in the Field of Civil Aviation.’ ”

Benedict XVI  
“Dear friends, always be conscious that you are called to embody in the world’s airports the Church’s mission of bringing God to man and leading man to the encounter with God.”

Even though most people don’t necesarily associate airports with faith or religion, the Pope encouraged the group, to pray and attend Mass regularly, to strenghten their faith and to help others get closer to God.

He also asked them to show interest in all people, regardless of their nationality or social status. Especially since many of them find themselves in difficult situations.

Benedict XVI 
“I think, for example, of people waiting anxiously as they seek to pass through border controls without the necessary documentation, either as immigrants or asylum seekers.”

The meeting, which lasts a total of five days, brings about 100 people together from roughly 15 countries. One of the main goals of the meeting is to develop new ways to provide spiritual care in airports.



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