Blessed Marta Anna Wiecka (January 1, 1874 – May 30, 1904)

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Sister Anna Brzęk, Visitatrice of the Daughters of Charity of the Province of Krakow presented “Blessed Sister Marta Wiecka and the Eucharist.” This presentation showed that Sister Marta loved Jesus hidden in the Eucharist and at the same time, Jesus hidden in those who are poor, whom she served with all her heart. It was part of the preparation for the First Eucharistic Congress in the Ukraine.

Sister was born in Nowy Wiec (Koscierzyna county, Pomerania, Poland).  She was the third of 13 children of Marceli Wiecki, a wealthy landowner, and his wife Paulina Kamrowska. At age 18,  Marta entered the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul at Krakow. She took her vows in the Congregation August 15, 1897. She served at hospitals in Lviv, which had about 1000 beds (1893–1894); Podhaytsi, while the facility was still under construction (1894–1899), Bochnia (1899–1902), and Sniatyn (1902 – 1904). While working at Sniatyn, Sister Wiecka volunteered to take the place of a young worker looking after patients with typhoid fever.  Eventually she became ill with typhoid fever and died on May 30, 1904 at the age of thirty. Her feast of  is celebrated on May 30 each year, the day of her death.

Visit a slide presentation of her brief life on VinFormation.

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  1. Sr. Marguerite Broderick DC

    I learned some things I didn’t know about Sr. Marta. This is very well done! thanks to Sr. Jean Marie Williams for bringing “Matushka” a little closer to us.

  2. jbf

    One of the joys of working on the various famvin websites is that I get to see and post so many wonderful resources.

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