Changing the story of homelessness.
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Jean and her five children live in a motel. Every day, even in the Missouri rain, she rides a bicycle to her minimum wage job. But minimum wage is not enough for the family to break the weekly rate hotel cycle.
(Heartbreaking: minute 2:18, ‘What does it feel like as a mom raising five kids in a small room?’)
Jean and her children

Candace had the courage to leave an abusive relationship, but now she and her children are living in a motel. All of the local shelters are full, so Candice and her family are stuck waiting for space to open up.
Candace and her children

Marlo says there are days she does not even want to wake up, but her children keep her going. From hotel to hotel then shelter to hotel and back. Families with low and no income get caught in a vicious cycle of nonstop crisis.
Marlo and her children

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