Internet Evangelism Day – Sunday April 29

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Sunday April 29 marked  Internet Evangelism Day. The people at Internet Evangelization Day write on their site…

In New Testament times, the Roman Road system was strategic in God’s plan. It enabled the spread of the Gospel throughout the then-known world. In the same way, the Internet today is a worldwide network which can facilitate effective Gospel communication

What is the purpose of Internet Evangelization Day?

wish to communicate the outreach potential of the Web to the worldwide church. This site has a twin-track purpose:

  • to explain the strategies needed to use digital media for evangelism, along with showcase examples, and demonstrate the many ways you could be involved. One surprising fact: you do not need to be technically gifted to do web evangelism!
  • to enable you to communicate these truths to others, by providing our free downloads: video clips, drama scripts, handouts, articles etc. These enable churches and other groups to build a digital evangelism focus program into a service, seminar/meeting or printed/web newsletter.

So we ask churches, Bible Colleges, mission agencies and other Christian organizations to consider ways to focus on digital evangelism, either on IE Day itself, or any other convenient time.

Here are 14 Ideas you can use on or near Internet Evangelism Day.

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