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Prayer request for oldest living Vincentian

by | Apr 11, 2012 | Congregation of the Mission, Vincentian Family | 2 comments

The New England Province reports that Fr. Peter Goldbach, CM, the oldest living CM,  fell and is under observation in a  local hospital. At 100 years of age he was recently featured in a video telling how he discovered that his vocation began 101 years ago with his mother who wanted a a son who would be a priest in spite of the fact that she should not have any more children.



  1. Sister Mary Grace Higgins

    The story of Fr. Goldback is great.He is from good DNA

  2. jbf

    Fr. Peter is doing quite well despite having had a very mild stroke. One story has it that when the doctor asked had he ever smoked Fr. Peter paused, thought, and said yes… but my last cigarette was in 1931! He has become something of a celebrity patient in the hospital and is expected home.

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