Why I Say Happy Easter

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  1. georgia hedrick

    I love this! It speaks to my soul of souls! Happy Easter–it changed everything.

    And one more thing, something I’ve always wanted to say: let’s give credit where credit needs to be: the first person to the empty tomb was a woman; as along the way of the Cross, it was a woman who wiped the face of Jesus; it was women he met along the way who cried for him loudly, and it was a woman who STOOD at the foot of the Cross, his Mother.

    Where were his apostles–those men He called and groomed to be leaders of the future? Where were they? Hiding. Ashamed and scared somewhere. And yet, Jesus allowed these men to run his Chruch yet and still, wimpy, and weak as they are.

    It amazes me that when the moment of strength is needed, it is a woman who is first, as Mary Magdelan was at his tomb. It is a woman who courageously wiped his face, bloody and raw as it was. It was women he met weeping for him along the Way of the Cross.

    Amd at the end, the final moment, it was a woman who STOOD there at the foot of his Cross, with the very youngest of the apostles with her–finally one showed up, but only because he wasn’t alone. He had the Mother of Jesus with him.

    Men may run this Church but it is, and was always, and always will be, women who lead the way. gh

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