Praying the Rosary in the context of creation

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Sr. Carol De Angelo, SC, offers a way of praying the Rosary from the perspective of caring for the gifts of creation.

Caring for Ourselves, Each Other and All God’s Creation: Praying the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary:


nnunciation – as we pray this mystery (and decade of the Rosary) we remember the good news announced to Mary by the Angel Gabriel.  We pray that we live the good news in our openness to God’s Revelation in nature and that we respond with reverence and compassion to all of God’s Creation.

Hail Mary, full of grace, may we see Earth as an Icon of God.


isitation – as we pray this mystery (and decade of the Rosary) we remember Mary’s visit to Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s welcoming Mary and the infant in her womb.  We pray that we, too, may be welcoming, reaching out to humans and other life forms affected by climate change, environmental injustice and other disasters.

Hail Mary, full of grace, may we hear the heartbeat of God in all Creation.


irth of Our Lord – as we pray this mystery (and decade of the Rosary) we remember Jesus and rejoice in his birth, the Emmanuel-God with us, God made flesh.  We pray that we might see this God more clearly in the gifts of nature: in sunrise and sunset; in the food we eat; in the water we drink; in the soil which grows our food; and in the air we breathe.

Hail Mary, full of grace, may we foster and enhance Earth-human relationships.


resentation of Our Lord – as we pray this mystery (and decade of the Rosary) we remember Mary as she presented Jesus in the temple.  She knew in her heart the sorrows to come.  As we open our faucets to draw water for drinking, washing and cleansing, may we remember those whose sorrows include spending hours each day walking for water.  May we remember those who are weak, ill and dying because of polluted water, flooding or drought.

Hail Mary, full of grace, may we be more conscious of our use of water.


inding of Our Lord – as we pray this mystery (and decade of the Rosary) we remember the mixed feelings of Joseph and Mary who were elated at the finding of their son but who knew in their hearts that in following the Father’s Will, Jesus would be challenged.  We pray that we grow in wisdom, courage, patience and perseverance as we accept God’s call to address the challenges of today’s environmental issues.

Hail Mary, full of grace, may we live simply,  justly and walk humbly with our God.


  • How has reflecting on the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary (or praying the Rosary) in this way strengthened my relationship with God from an Eco-spiritual and Environmental Justice perspective?
  • How has praying in this way helped me to understand the phrase from SCNY 2011 Assembly Direction Statement “aware of Creation’s transformative energy of which I am a part” and led me into deeper contemplation, ongoing conversion and prophetic action?

To use as a ritual,

  • Consider placing a picture, symbol or object before you – one that opens up the manifest ways God is revealed in Creation / Earth / nature.  Some examples might be: a bowl of water; a picture of Earth from space; a sunset; a picture of friends and family enjoying the ocean, hiking, a picnic; a picture of a flower shooting up through concrete.
  • Consider listening to a song that speaks of God’s Creation, nature or a psalm put to song that speaks to creation.  E.g., How Great Thou Art; Lovers of Life or other songs by Jan Novotka (

Prepared by Carol De Angelo, SC, Sisters of Charity Center, 6301 Riverdale Avenue, Bronx, NY 10471, November 2011


  1. Linda, DC

    Sr. Carol, thanks a lot for the wonderful and refreshing way of praying the Joyful Mysteries in a new and relevant perspective.

  2. Marguerite Broderick DC

    This is especially nice for May, the month of Our Lady.Thanks so much!

    • jbf

      Delighted you find it useful. We are always open to suggestions for other material.

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