Define Necessity – A matter of perspective

by | Dec 13, 2011 | Justice and Peace | 7 comments

The blog Brutally Honesty illustrates the saying that a picture is worth 1,000 words! But they also write… “As you’re running around this Christmas season, think about the gifts you’re pursuing, the gifts you’re saying others are needing, the gifts that some are telling you are must haves… “Then consider defining what truly is necessary. “I’d like to recommend the necessity to think of those who are truly needy this Christmas season and to consider playing a part in meeting those needs yourself.  A few organizations that will help you do so follow:


Of course as members of the Vincentian Family we know lots of our own organizations that could profit from an extra gift this year. Comment on this post to add your own organization.


  1. jbf

    What’s your favorite Vincentian Family Charity….

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  2. jim claffey

    Charity clearly continues to be essential both as our response to the Gospel and given the dramatic and increasing needs of so many. In this context systemic change is more necessary than ever although sadly it is more difficult to rally even good people around its efforts. It remains my “favorite charity”–response to people in need by involving them in the search for solutions!

    • Fr. Miles Heinen

      That’s why I like the book from the systemic change commission of the Vincentian Family, “Seeds of Hope”, because it pulls together the current wisdom of the world wide Vincentian Family about being in solidarity with people in need and makes it accessible. I hope we can rally ourselves around this way of doing good…..

  3. Oliver Miller

    Depaul USA offers homeless and disadvantaged people the opportunity to fulfil their potential and move towards an independent and positive future. With unemployment for our key demographic above 16%, our job hunting program could really use a boost. Learn more or contribute here:

    Happy Holidays to all!

  4. Diane Curtis

    Please visit or to explore opportunities to partner with the SCN family in empowering people, especially the oppressed, around the world.

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