A new documentary film, “Blood in the Mobile,” powerfully addresses both the limits of the imagination and our sense of connection to atrocities committed on the other side of the world.


  • In Congo, militia groups and army factions control many mines, says Robin Wright
  • Minerals in these mines go into cell phones, laptops, digital cameras and other products
  • Congolese mine work is back-breaking, perilous and poorly paid, Wright says
  • In Congo, more than 5 million have died through war and hardships in the past decade

Actor and activist Robin Wright in a CNN feature shows how the minerals in our cell phones finance war. She recently traveled to eastern Congo with the Enough Project, a Washington-based group focused on ending genocide and crimes against humanity. Hervideo trip diary appears as a special feature on a new UK edition of “Blood in the Mobile,” available on DVD.


  • Is Nokia the only cell phone  company  faced with this issue?
  • In this interconnected economy are cell phones the only products that are associated with misery for those who provide materials?
  • Granted it is easier to look the other way. But are the any other responses?

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