Vincentian Heritage Journal moving to online only

by | Oct 26, 2011 | Vincentian Family | 2 comments

Fr. Ed Udovic announces that the Vincentian Studies Institute at DePaul University which is the publisher of the journal Vincentian Heritage has announced that this year’s issues (Volume 31, Nos. 1, Fall 2011 & 2 Spring 2012) will be the final print issues of the journal.  Beginning with Volume 32 #1, Fall 2012 the journal will be published in an e-format.  Subscriptions will be free.  “This move will enable the journal to keep up with industry trends and offer an online version which can offer lavish illustrations and other features that are cost-prohibitive for a print version. Stopping the print version is also an ecologically responsible act.  An application will be developed that will enable subscribers to receive new issues electronically and access past issues located on Via Sapientiae our online Vincentian resource depository.  More details on this transition will be forthcoming.”


  1. Jo Ann Power DC

    Father Ed, Thank you, thank you and thank you for this truly good news and wonderful service.

  2. Fr. Budi, CM

    Fr. Ed the defelopment of media communication in this world is not always in balance. For those country has internet line and electricity, e-format always good news and for those country has no electricity and internet line conventional style journal is good news. I has been work in the jungle, right now the development of the media communication just a dream and imagination.

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