Vincentian Leadership of North America approve Mission Statement

by | Oct 24, 2011 | Vincentian Family

The final day of Building Bridges Out of Poverty began with a presentation of the Mission Statement approved by the 18 leaders of various branches of the Vincentian Family who attended a meeting prior to the gathering to the  150 members of the Vincentian Family.

“Inspired by our common Vincentian heritage, the leadership of the branches of the Vincentian Family in North America is committed to fostering collaboration for systemic change in ministry for and with persons living in poverty.”

Approved, October 20, 2011, by:

  • AIC Ladies of Charity
  •  Congregation of the Mission – East
  • Congregation of the Mission – New England Province
  • Congregation of the Mission – West
  • Daughters of Charity – Province of St. Louise
  • Daughters of Charity – Province of the West
  • Sisters of Charity – Cincinnati
  • Sisters of Charity – Halifax
  • Sisters of Charity – Nazareth
  • Sisters of Charity – New York
  • Sisters of Charity – Seton Hill
  • Society of St. Vincent DePaul – Canada
  • Society of St. Vincent DePaul – USA
  • Vincentian Youth and Young Adults

In addition the approved the following action steps: 

  • Action # 1 Leadership adopts the system change focus of the International Vincentian Family and engages in advocacy and actions to enable the transformation of lives by addressing the root causes of poverty.
  • Action # 2 Leadership agrees to meet at least once a year in person to support one another and promote collaborative efforts.
  •  Action # 3 Leadership requests Vincentian Family Collaborators to prepare a proposal for their consideration regarding the name, purpose, membership appointment, responsibilities and required financial support for a newly constituted group.
  • Action # 4 Leadership requests Vincentian Family Collaborators to document the origin, history and accomplishments of the group.

In addition “Leadership commits to ongoing education of membership which will include analysis of current ministries according to the criteria for systemic change.”

The remainder of the wrap up session of larger meeting focused on sharing impressions and plans for followup by the 150 participants,

Sr. CJ Wille provided a beautiful graphical backdrop for the singing of the new song for the Vincentian Family written by Ray Sickinger of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Fr. Josief Zedrachristos, CM, attending as the representative of Fr. Gregory Gay, offered his blessing and words of of support.

The Vinformation site will be posting her beautiful prayers services and the presentation she made of the history of the growth of these Vincentian Family Gatherings.








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