When is a car more than a car? When donated to SVDPUSA!

by | Sep 24, 2011 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses, Vincentian Family

A 50 second YouTube video spells out the difference when the car is donated to the SVDPUSA. It can mean food for a family four for a month, a child’s nutrition of  four months, medication for a handicapped person for two years. The SVDP National Vehicle Donation Program best-in-class authorized agent proudly returns an average of near 80% of car proceeds to charity.

The proceeds from every vehicle donation go directly to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to provide basic services for those in need.  Return from your vehicle donation will support those in need by providing… food pantries, legal assistance, medical and dental treatment, shelters for abused women and so much more…. And oh yes, it also helps the environment.




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