So why did Sr. Meg decide to be a Daughter of Charity??

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It might be called the contagion of joyful service. Sr. Meg Kymes , now a seminary sister or novice, writes of this contagion.

“Most of the Daughters I have met say what makes a Daughter and true Daughter of Charity is love for the poor. Their eyes light up when they speak about their current ministries or their past experiences of serving those living in poverty. ”

“There is a saying in the community that states, “If you’ve seen one Daughter of Charity you have seen just one Daughter of Charity.” I have found this to be true. Among us you will find we dress the same and many do similar works, but underneath the works and blue and white habits you will find many different personalities, interests, and backgrounds which makes life much more interesting! There is truly room for everyone at the table of Vincent, Louise, and Elizabeth Ann!”

Time out to reflect…

  • Do people see our eyes light up when we speak of the people we serve?
  • How were we drawn to serve?

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  1. Sr. Marguerite Broderick DC

    Sister Meg presents a very clear picture of what drew her to the Daughters. Thanks, Sr. Meg for following that urge to find out about us. May joy follow you every day.

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