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What we can learn from the letters of Louise

by | Aug 31, 2011 | Daughters of Charity, Vincentian Family | 7 comments

“Louise was a woman who needed to communicate and wanted to share her ideas and thoughts with others. She lived a profound human and spiritual experience and felt a need to communicate that experience. She cared deeply for those young women and through her correspondence she was able to make them feel supported, encouraged, and loved by her. She took pleasure in writing to each individual sister. She continually insisted that they should write to her frequently and was not satisfied that the sister servant or some other sister would communicate to her news abut the sisters.”

Sister Carmen Urrizburu, DC writes… “Let us allow Louise to speak to us today through her letters.”

Famvin is happy to present a translation of a lengthy and very insightful study of the letters of Louise which first appeared in July-August 2011 edition of Anales. Volume 119, #4.

Sr. Carmen concludes…”Yes, one must read in order to live, in order to live a profound life!

And to live … is to contribute with simplicity and humility, with great vitality and brilliance and splendor to the charism!”

Reflections for living the charism as revealed in her letters

  • Do we lives our lives to the fullest?
  • How well do we communicate our support, encouragement and love to those entrusted to our care?
  • How would Louise have used email, etc. to communicate with those she loved and served?

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  1. Therese

    I can’t open the article. If I click on the link it starts to open but then gets stuck and goes no further.

    • jbf

      I am not sure what to say. It opens fine for me. It is, however and lengthy article and that may cause some browsers a problem.
      Let me know it=f it persists I I will work out another solution after I arrive in NYC later today.l

    • beth

      I just checked, and the article in the wiki is indeed nearly 3 times as long as recommended for editing. I have never seen the length affect opening a page for reading before. It does open for me as well.

  2. Aidan Rooney, C.M.

    opens fine for me in Bolivia 🙂

  3. Patricia

    Unable to open this also and it looks as though it would be interesting. Any other way to accass the document?

  4. jbf

    We are puzzled by this since we can not recreate the rpblem and we have tried at least 5 different computers.
    Perhaps you can tell us what computer you are using and what browser and version of the browser.

  5. Beth

    I believe I have found and cured the problem — assuming that those who were having issues are using Windows XP and IE8. Can you folks give this a try again and let us know? (Be sure to clear your cache so you don’t get the older version which actually forced me to quit IE and restart it).

    I hope that you will be able to update to Windows 7 and IE9, or at least use a more standards compliant browser such as Firefox or Chrome, which did not have the problem.


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