Irish priests will refuse to break seal of confession

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Catholic priests in Ireland are prepared to “strongly” resist a proposed law that would require them to disclose information learned in confession. The legislation, proposed by Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, would put priests in jail for up to five years if they failed to tell authorities about sexual abuse crimes disclosed during confession.

However, as Father Tony Flannery from the Association of Catholic Priests states, “If even one exception was made to the seal of Confession, then the whole Sacrament would collapse. The truth of faith that this Sacrament is meant to convey is central to Christian teaching.” Visit Catholic News Agency to read more.

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  1. jbf

    Visit the Australian CM site for a sampling of reactions to the proposal.

    28/7/11 Laws that break seal of confession – counter-productive to protection of children ?

    MELBOURNE: Fr Bill Uren SJ, Rector of Newman College at the University of Melbourne, comments on proposals to change civil law regarding the seal of confession – “…..if such a law were to come into effect, I doubt whether any paedophiles would any longer be willing to entrust their dark secrets to the confessional. Not only would this render the law counterproductive, but it would have the further effect of closing off one avenue where paedophiles might be encouraged to come to terms with their crimes and be counselled even to surrender to the police. ..” [Read More]

    See also:

    Michael Mullins SJ, Sex abuse action and the seal of confession, Eureka Street, Vol 21, No 14, July 24, 2011.

    Leesha McKenny, Call to end confessional confidentiality, Sydney Morning Herald, July 22, 2011

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