Depaul USA – a franchise opportunity

by | Jul 16, 2011 | Vincentian Family

The Depaul USA Board of Directors is considering the purchase of a franchise business as part of an income diversification strategy.  They have already received a proposal from a local restaurant chain that is interested in selling Depaul USA a restaurant, which it would operate for Depaul USA.

Based on its study of Depaul USA’s financial and operational needs, the emerging field of social entrepreneurism, franchise business models, and case studies of non-profits that operate franchise businesses, Depaul USA will now form an expert committee to review a proposal the Franchise Working Group

For more details see the News from the Executive Director page on their website.

Depaul USA staff will also research other franchise opportunities that might be a good fit. If you are interested in serving on the expert committee, please contact Chuck at 215-438-1955.

For insights into Vincent’s approach to supporting his ministries download Thomas McKenna’s article on Vincent as a businessman.

Vincent de Paul: A Saint Who Got His Worlds Together

ABSTRACT. From the point of view of a saint’s life, the article addresses the question of integrating holiness and business dealings. By analyzing the heavy involvement of Vincent de Paul, a seventeenth century French saint, in the world of finance and politics as he ministered to the poor of his day, the study attempts to show that it is both possible and beneficial to join together the world of business with that of a religiously inspired ethic. The spiritually grounded manner in which Vincent de Paul approached his institutional tasks and the ways in which those endeavors gave body to his spirituality present an unitary, non-dualistic instance of how business and morality can interact.



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