“Vincentian Family Together Building Bridges Out of Poverty”

by | Jul 7, 2011 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses, Vincentian Family

Join other members of the Vincentian Family to explore the theme “Vincentian Family Together Building Bridges Out of Poverty.”

The Vincentian Family Collaborators Committee  invites all members of the Vincentian  Family in United States and Canada to gather October 20-23, 2011, in Indianapolis, IN.

Vincent de Paul encourages us: “Proceed quietly, pray a great deal and act together.”

So register for the 2011 Vincentian Family Gathering,

Our theme promises great opportunities for our service to persons living in poverty

The GOALS of the meeting are the following:

We will continue our commitment to systemic change through

1.    deepening our understanding of generational poverty
2.    exploring strategies for transforming local communities
3.    continuing to promote collaboration in the Vincentian Family.

Please see the attached Fact Sheet and the link to the registration website. We will be accepting registrations until August 31, 2011 – act now! Thank you,

Vincentian Family Collaborators:

Clermont Fortin, Fr. John Freund, Gayle Johnson, Kellie Willis, Fr. Lou Arceneaux, Mary Ann Dantuono, Maureen McMillan, Roger Playwin, Sheila Gilbert, Sr. Cj Willie, Sr. Catherine Mary Norris, Sr. Elyse Staab, Sr. Julie Cutter, Sr. Kieran Kneaves, Sr. Martha Garcia, Sr. Mary Ann Daly, Sr. Mary Matthew Labunski, and Sr. Pat Evanick

This workshop builds on last Fall’s gathering in Bellevile devoted to  Systemic Change and Training the Trainers. For reactions to this workshop see earlier famvin posts.



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