Vincentian Family $25,000 challenge grant for Haitian scholarships

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Fr. Robert Maloney writes “As Zafèn begins its second year, our micro-finance project in Haiti is preparing another fundraising initiative to educate Haiti’s children. The Zafèn team would be very grateful if you would give this message wide circulation within your branch of the Family, using whatever means of communication you judge most apt. Thank you for your very generous support of Zafèn and of those living in dire poverty in Haiti.  We will continue to keep you informed about our progress.

Dear Members of the International Vincentian Family,

The Vincentian Family has just launched the second year of our scholarship program with the

Foundation for the Technological and Economic Advancement of Mirebalais (FATEM) to educate economically disadvantaged elementary students in Haiti. Last year, your support educated more than 2,000 Haitian children in 14 rural schools, each of whom received a nutritious daily meal and the school supplies necessary for success. We accomplished this through Zafèn, the online microfinance initiative the International Vincentian Family created to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the deaths of Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac.

Your support has laid a solid foundation for the future by enabling these children to read and write, opening worlds of possibilities to them. To continue this progress, may I ask you to consider making an individual donation of $50 to send one Haitian child to school next year? Or, consider combining the resources of your community to fund 10 scholarships for $500, 20 scholarships for $1,000 or a full school of 100 students for $5,000.

The Vincentian Family is standing behind your support and is prepared to double your gift. This means that for every child you send to school, the Family will send another. Although we empowered many children last year, there are thousands more in the Central Plateau whose futures will be transformed through education if we can secure the funding to deliver it.

FATEM is training teachers especially for these schools to ensure the very best outcomes for these children. I hope you can find it in your heart to invest in Haiti by investing in its youth. Please click here to make your gift:

  • $50 for 1 child
  • $500 for 10 children
  • $1,000 for 20 children
  • $5,000 for 100 children


Robert P. Maloney, C.M.

Chairperson, Vincentian Family Board for the Haiti Project

Letter Vincentian Family FATEM scholarships (Word format)


  1. jbf

    I believe it was a one week challenge. I will try to confirm.

  2. jbf

    I have just received word that the match will remain on the site for 90 days. They are looking into the matter and will provide more details soon.

  3. Griselda Garibay

    Please note the original link under the “News” section was to a packet of $2,500 that has been already funded.

    For a more accurate status of available projects I would suggest 1. clicking on “Projects” on the top navigation, 2. clicking “Education and Other Social Projects” options under “Basic Search” or 3. under “Advanced Search” selecting “Education” from drop down box.

    Please note the link to the “News” item has been updated and if selected will redirect to the 100 scholarships packet for $5,000.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.

    Griselda Garibay
    Zafen/Vincentian Family Administrator

  4. Brycelyn

    The Zafen website says the following in regard to the second year of the $25,000 scholarship grants for Haitian children:
    “This project is no longer accepting contributions.”
    Is the website not updated to accept donations. I sent out the information yesterday and am getting requests as to how to donate. I can’t seem to find the answer. Please give any help you can.
    Sr. Brycelyn

  5. Brycelyn

    Please send information as to how to contribute to the Vincentian Family $25,000 Challenge Scholarship Grants.

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