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The Setons, the Bayleys, and the Roosevelts

by | Jun 22, 2011 | Vincentian Family

The Setons, the Bayleys, and the Roosevelts – Soldiers, sailors, scientists, prison chaplains, teachers, social workers, authors, nuns, priests, and bishops: St. Elizabeth Bayley Seton and her family shaped Catholic life in 19th-century America. Church historian Pat McNamara presents a fascinating view of the Seton lineage complete with rarely used images. WHile many know  Elizabeth’s story many will find new insights into the fascinating stories of  her family  lineage down to present times.

For an example…

From the obituary of her daughter Sister Catherine Seton, R.S.M. (1800-1891)

“No one probably ever acquired such influence and control over the thieves and robber class of New York . . . They came for years to seek her advice and guidance; they endeavored to make her trustee and executor for their wives and children, so implicit and unbounded was their confidence in her. She would be called to the parlor to meet at the same time some relative moving in the best circles, and perhaps some unfortunate whose steps to the convent had been followed by a detective.

In her 80s, she studied foreign languages in order to “instruct or console the prisoners of all nations whom she encountered in this awful abode, which she did to the great comfort of many a poor foreigner.”



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