Seeing Christ in bin Laden

by | May 17, 2011 | Church | 1 comment

Now here’s an issue …..The challenging implications of seeing Osama as a fellow child of God. Busted Halo features an essay by Helen Lee that includes this statement… “Seeing Christ in Osama bin Laden is pretty difficult since he committed atrocities that appear to be devoid of Christ. In fact Osama bin Laden provides us with an excellent example of what happens when you begin to say “no” to God. Those small “nos” turn into a chasm between you and God, which Christ ultimately offers to bridge. So, for one thing, bin Laden can serve as a reminder that we are all fallen.” Read the full article at Busted Halo for other insights and challenges.

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  1. Sr. Nancy Murphy

    Very challenging – yet since we are called to see the face of Christ in all, we must believe that no matter how hidden it may be, it is there. This is part of the “pro-life” movement that is not as easy as saving”innocent” babies. All Life is sacred – period.

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