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Click-activism will not end homelessness

by | Mar 5, 2011 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses

It is so easy. Click, click. Point. Tag. Retweet. “Click-activism“! Just a few motions with my index finger and I am changing the world.Press that “like” button. Join that Facebook group. In a fraction of a second, I am saving the environment from the industrial complex. I’m providing clean water to a thirsty world. I am housing a hurting homeless person.

But genuine activism is found when we are using our voice, hearts, minds, and feet, to create actual transformation in our world. Yes, this Egyptian generation created radical change through social media. But the real change came through their feet on the ground, voices in the air, and their willingness to die for their cause.

The power of social media is not just in the click. It is in our feet.


  • When I click to change the world do I see any specific person.
  • What is the difference between “click-activism” and “Feet-activism?
  • How might “click-activism” compare to “checkbook-activism”/



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