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A woman named Louise

by | Mar 1, 2011 | Daughters of Charity, Vincentian Family | 1 comment

The Australian CM site has notice of a 3 minute video “A Woman Named Louis” focusing on the motto and legacy of Louise. It is a beautiful challenge to honor her legacy by living it today. It is accompanied by Billy Joel’s “She’s got a Way”.


  • Is Louise a model only for the Daughters of Charity?
  • Is there any word that jumps to your mind when you hear Louise deMarillac?
  • Are you aware of the recent research especially by Elisabeth Charpy  that is showing how Vincent and Louise influenced each other?

PS Stayed tuned on famvin for two rich pieces offering insight into their relationship.

1 Comment

  1. cyril granada

    i hope you will soon publish a book or comics literature affordable for everyone to read especially those who were one way or the other cannot avail of the internet. thanks.

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