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Homeless Miss Colorado: Confronting stereotypes

by | Feb 27, 2011 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses | 1 comment

Homeless Miss Colorado: ‘Anyone can fall victim to this’ Despite having ‘all my belongings in a trash bag,’ she hopes to win Miss USA crown.When Blair Griffith walks into a room, people notice. she’s beautiful, smart. graduated with honors and, yes, a beauty queen . In October she was crowned 2011 Miss Colorado USA , realizing a lifelong dream. But just a month later she and her mother were evicted from this townhome and homeless.The last decade has been rough for griffith. When she was 14 her father Gary who inspired her interest in beauty pageants died of prostate cancer. Her mother had a heart attack and couldn’t work. Medical and school bills mounted and they lost their home. It just became unavoidable.

“I want to be an inspiration and show you that no matter what hardship you’re facing if you stay focused on your goals and dreams you can achieve them.



  • How does she not fit the stereotype of a homeless person?
  • In what was is this an advantage for her?
  • Do people make an unconscious distinction between those who seem stereotypical and those who are not?

1 Comment

  1. jbf

    CNN has a related story about a homeless writer that concludes… “So before you give anyone “the look,” take a moment to glance inside that human being’s soul. He or she has a story to tell, but it might not necessarily be the one you’ve been conditioned to believe.”

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