Cooking up Charity in New Orleans

by | Feb 7, 2011 | Vincentian Family | 2 comments

Such is the title of a brief article describing the collaboration of members of the Federation of the Sisters of Charity. Sr. Renee Rose (a Daughter of Charity), Sr. Monica (Sister of Charity of Cincinnati) and Sr. Claire (Sister of Charity of New York) are the first members of the House of Charity in New Orleans serving the many volunteer groups that come to New Orleans to help rebuild. The story is recounted on Sr. Denise LaRock’s blog. Be sure to explore some of the other valuable links on the page.

Further Reflections

How much as New Orelans receded from national consciousness?

What are the needs of people in New Orleans these many years later?

Have you eer spoken with someone who actually spent time in New Orleans?

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  1. Connie Anderson

    The Society of St Vincent de Paul held its annual national meeting in New Orleans this past September. So, there will be lots of potential input on this article. As a native Baton Rougean, which is about an hour and a half away from NOLA, it is very heartening to see the city’s come back. But’s it’s not know as “Sin City” for nothing. I do pray for the Vincentians, and I sincerely hope witness of Sts. Vincent and Louise helps feed, not only the bodies, but also the souls of its citizens and friends. God bless you, Connie

  2. Georgia Hedrick

    It’s the way it should be finally, with all the Charity Organizations working together. Yippee!

    And….Rene Rose was in my Band back in 1957. I may not be ‘in’ but I still see myself as a ‘Woman of Charity’. I did contact Theresa Mancuso of the far Northwest province btw.

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