Daughters of Charity – faithful unto death

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February 1 marks the anniversary of the Martyrs of Angers, Daughters of Charity ODILE BAUMGARTEN & MARIE-ANNE VAILLOT. For more information visit Vincentian Encyclopedia Article Martyrs of Angers as described in a homily  by Fr. Richard Mc Cullen, C.M. February 20, 1984 and a link to a study by Fr. Thomas Davitt, CM.

Other Daughters of Charity who gave their lives in one form or another in recent times…

What is your reaction when you read of such heroic examples? Do you think of how you would react if you were in their situation?


  1. Richard McCullen

    The text as given in FAMVIN on the Martyrs of Angers was not a letter but a homily preached at a Mass in a parish Chruch in Rome after the Beatification of the Martyrs of Anger. The Mother General of the time – Mother Lucie Roge – was present at the Mass. Hence the reference to her.

    Richard McCullen CM

  2. jbf

    Thank you for the clarification. We will reflect this both in the post and in the Vincentian ENcyclopedia.

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