Sponsoring volunteers from Belize to Botswana to Montana

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A group of twelve volunteers arrived safely in Belize on Monday afternoon as part of an extensive Sisters of Charity of Nazareth volunteer program that reaches from Belize, to Botswana and Montana.
  • January 17–25, 2011: Belize (filled)
  • February 14–21, 2011: Las Flores, Belize (filled)
  • April 3–18, 2011: Kanye, Botswana (filled)
  • May 1–5, 2011: New Orleans (filled)
  • June 5–11, 2011: Montana
  • June 19–22, 2011: Appalachia (family trip) |
After settling into the Starfish House and a brief introduction to the week, they visited with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth at SCN Center in Belize City. On Tuesday, they begin working on building the home. Please continue to hold them in prayer and follow us throughout the week.

Would you like to change someone’s life? The SCN Lay Mission Volunteer Program, sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, invites lay women and men of all ages and religions into service with economically poor people in Belize, Mexico, Appalachia and New Orleans.

Contact Sister Luke Boiarski, SCN, for more information.
P.O. Box 9, Nazareth, KY 40048 | (502) 348-1578 | lukescn@scnazarethky.org

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  1. Spalding Hurst

    Sister Luke is something else. She really does lead a great volunteer trip and is making a difference at home and all over the world.

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