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To be a Vincentian…

by | Nov 12, 2010 | Vincentian Family | 2 comments

Fr. Manny Ginete, CM, outgoing liaison of the Congregation of the Mission to the Vincentian Family, has written the following reflection entitled “To be a Vincentian”…


To be Vincentian is to follow Christ,

  • to continue his work,
  • to continue his style of life,
  • to accept his plans,
  • to live according to his spirit as expressed in the Beatitudes.

To be Vincentian is to share Jesus’ cause

  • the construction of the kingdom
  • the liberation of all women and men
  • the great utopia of God
    • where men and women can live as brother and sisters
    • where all people can live with dignity and justice and peace.

To be Vincentian is to be part of the Vincentian Family,

  • a community of love
  • a community that is united in proclaiming the Good News to the poor
  • a community that is united in serving those persons who are most poor.

To be Vincentian is to bring to life the path of Jesus

  • to live anew the process of Jesus
  • to maintain Jesus’ options
  • to sow with Jesus the seeds of his Kingdom
  • to build active and prayerful communities
  • to give witness to the Word
  • to live his commandment of love.

To be Vincentian is to live from the perspective of our charism

  • to be animated by the Holy Spirit
  • to have our hearts filled with the Spirit of God
  • to say “yes” with Mary to the things that the Father asks of us
  • to have the strength of the Spirit so that we can respond to the plans of God for our lives.
  • To be Vincentian is to live in the Spirit of the Lord
  • to hope for that which seems impossible
  • to realize that for God nothing is impossible
  • to unite our hands and efforts in creating a better life for all people
  • to begin, like Jesus, with the those who are viewed as least and unimportant

To be Vincentian is discern the signs of the times

  • to discern the signs of God in our own time
  • to discern with clarity
  • to be courageous in our discernment
  • to announce and denounce all that is opposed to the Kingdom of God.

To be Vincentian implies accepting conflict and risk in order to follow Jesus

  • to mature during the time of crisis
  • to grow in sincere fidelity
  • to live anew the passion of Jesus
  • to embrace the cross
  • to be men and women of integrity in our words and actions
  • to live with simplicity
  • to allow ourselves to be freed from power and consumerism
  • to allow ourselves to be freed in order to grow in faith
  • to allow ourselves to be freed in order to hope and build
  • to allow ourselves to be freed in order to love and free others.

Editors note:  How well did you do?


  1. Sr. Sheila O'Friel, DC

    Excellent summary! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kathy(Mooney) Davidson

    Thanks Mannie its always nice to be inspired, and look beyond and within, an old friend.

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