Vincentians and YouTube

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When we created this page in 2008 most of the links to videos and user channels which are placed here did not exist. During recent 10 years "social media" as we usually call them developed enourmously. Navigating on this ocean of information is getting difficult day by day. Therefore this page which you visit regularly had to face changes and rethinking.

We decided to divide this very long page into couple of shorter and more focused on particular aspects of Vincentian Family presence on YouTube, the largest and most popular video streaming and sharing service.

Here, you will find list of channels, official channels of various branches of the Vincentian Family – congregations, associations, societies on global, national, provincial and local levels. Also, we included list of personal channels created by members of the Vincentian Family, religious and lay. Additionally, some people who are not from Vincentian Family but who are close to our charism and values and who have been publishing their videos dedicated and showing the Vincentian history, themes, people, places, etc.

Vincentian Family members and friends visiting YouTube and uploading films are encouraged to let us know about users/channels not included in this index. Registered users of Vincentian Encyclopedia can add new links here by themselves. If they do not know how to make it or how to qualify new links as well as those who are not registered users can contact and send the links either to John Freund CM or Thomas Zielinski.

Vincentian Family Branches/Organization Channels

International structures

  • – Daughters of Charity International Website (content in English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Italian)
  • secinterjmv – International Secretariat of Vincentian Marian Youth. (multilingual content)
  • SSVPCGI – Council General International of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Paris, France (not updated since 2010)

National/regional structures

  • Misioneros Paules – Congregation of the Mission. Spanish Province of Madrid. (some videos are not original, duplicated from other channels)
  • misjonarze – Congregation of the Mission, Province of Poland (content in Polish and English)
  • cmnewengland – Congregation of the Mission, New England Province
  • vincentianvocation – Congregation of the Mission, Eastern Province USA, vocation ministry
  • stpiero – Congregation of the Mission, Province of Peru, vocation ministry
  • Szarytki Kraków – Daughters of Charity, Province of Krakow, Poland (content in Polish)
  • Siostry Milosierdzia – Daughters of Charity, Province of Poznan-Chelmno, Poland (content in Polish)
  • SVdPUSA – Society of St. Vincent DePaul in the United States
  • SSVP France – Sociesty of St. Vincent de Paul in France
  • bjpick – SVDP Council of Los Angeles, USA
  • Vinnies-Canberra – Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Canberra, Australia
  • Mary's Miraculous Medal – Association of Miraculous Medal, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • CAMMOnline – Central Association of the Miraculous Medal, Perryville, MO, USA (not updated since 2009)

Vincentian Family Members Channels

  • sjs50 – Susan Stabile
  • Rev. Jorge Luis Rodriguez, C.M. – Director of Communications Office, General Curia, Rome
  • dandylabitag – Rev. Ferdinand Labitag, C.M. , Chinese Province
  • redz4others – Fr. Roed Desamparado, C.M., Province of Philippines, Japan
  • Jung – faculty member, Adamson University, Philippines
  • Kit Torayno – from CM Province of Philippines
  • decduffy – member of St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. Louis, MO, USA
  • DenJJackson – from SSVdP, location unknown

Non Vincentian Family members

  • Luke Sorys – formerly member of CM Province of New England (not updated since 2011)
  • papefisco – a collaborator of Daughters of Charity in the Holy Land
  • dharickson – from Adamson University, Philippines
  • pidz tzoopz – former Theology student, Adamsin University, Philippines
  • rakamagasy – from Madagascar