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22 August in History

1628. At the Quirinal in Rome, in the presence of Pope Urban VIII, the Congregation of Propaganda in plenary session rejected the first petition of Vincent de Paul to approve the Congregation of the Mission. Comments of Cardinal Guido Bentivolio, the rapporteur, have been imposed on the recommendations of influential personalities, e.g. that the Propaganda would be willing to recognize if a society of twenty to twenty-five members, which would not be congregation or brotherhood, would limit its activity to France and would be under the dependence of the ordinary. The petition was also described as “move beyond the meaning of the Mission and tends to establish a new religion.”

1645. Louise de Marillac signed contract for the installation of the first three Daughters of Charity -- Elisabeth Turgis, Françoise Noret and Marguerite Careat in the hospital in Saint-Denis. The contract specified their responsibilities: "(The so-called daughters) would be entirely subject to the care of sick and service of the poor".

1647. Louise de Marillac visited the old castle of Bicêtre which, by the request of Ladies of Charity, was made available to children found more and more numerous. Louise de Marillac noticed the lack of premises for the school. Immediately she managed facilities to be done and she submitted to Monsieur Vincent: "Our Ladies have no thought to have a place for school. We have seen that downstairs is to be cleaned for boys who need to be separated from girls. There seems to be that the door and windows should be closed, and that of girls will placed upstairs".

1652. Sister Marie Joly wrote to Louise. Her letter should be read several times because this way we understand the sacrifices of the Sisters who were working in foreign countries.

1655. Conference of Vincent de Paul to Lazarists on the five fundamental virtues animating the spirit of congregation, dealing with Article 14, Chapter II of the Common Rules.

1711. Pope Clement XI addressed Fr. Louis Appiani in brief eulogy, the first Vincentian missionary penetrating China who was imprisoned in Canton for at least four years.

1743. In Horodenka, on the border with Moldova (then territory of Poland, presently south-eastern Ukraine), Fr. Sliwicki, Visitor of Poland, installed Lazarists. They were called by the noble Potocki family to evangelize the vassals of their properties. At the beginning confreres lived in a temporary house made of planks. A stone residence was given them in two years. This facility will have an ephemeral existence, it was nevertheless conducted by Polish Lazarists who have been excellent messengers of the Word of God.

1952. Some non-native Chinese Daughters of Charity are expelled from China and only a few native Chinese Daughters remain.

1953. Fr. Joseph Molinari dies at the age of sixty-six years in Garnes, in the Chevreuse Valley, where he agreed to be chaplain of a summer camp. After completing his secondary education at Wernhout, and four years training in the seminary in Paris, he was ordained a priest by Bishop Coqset Fiat, in Kiehan in Kiang-si, China. In 1922, Archbishop of Vienna entrusted him the cure of St. Louis, in Tien-tsin. He remained there thirty years!

1997. Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. During the Twelfth World Youth Day, in the presence Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, cardinals and bishops from many countries, representatives of Vincentian Family and members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul arrived from all over the world, Pope John Paul II beatified of Frederic Ozanam, the principal founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Other Dates






  • 1 - "Centesimus Annus" John Paul II - 1991
  • 2 - Birthday of St. Catherine Labouré - 1806 (Pronounces vows for the first time 1835)
  • 2 - Vincent de Paul is installed as Cure of Clichy, France 1612
  • 4 - Jean-Marie Odin, CM ordained at St. Mary's in Perryville, MO 1823; will become the first Bishop of Galveston, Texas in 1848 and second Archbishop of New Orleans in 1861
  • 5 - "Challenge of Peace" US Bishop's - 1983
  • 11 - First Sisters of Charity of New York arrive in Halifax, Nova Scotia - 1849
  • 12 - Bishop Thaddeus Amat, CM second Bishop of Montery, CA, (presently Archdiocese of Los Angeles) dies in Los Angeles 1878
  • 12 - John Joseph Lynch, CM the first Archbishop of Toronto, Canada dies 1888
  • 15 - "Rerum Novarum" Leo XIII - 1891
  • 15 - "Quadregesimo Anno" Pius XI - 1931
  • 15 - "Octogesima Adveniens" Paul VI - 1971
  • 16 - St. Gianna Beretta Molla, canonized on May 16th, 2004
  • 17 - St. Vincent de Paul gives the community a copy of the Constitutions and Rules of the Congregation of the Mission 1658
  • 20 - Pier Giorgio Frassati, a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, beatified 1990
  • 21 - Vincent de Paul sends first missionaries to Madagascar 1648
  • 24 - Leo Raymond de Neckère, CM, is consecrated bishop at St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans 1830
  • 25 - Blessed Rosalie Rendu enters the Daughters of Charity in Paris 1802
  • 27 - St. Francis Regis Clet, CM beatified by Pope Leo XIII 1900
  • 28 - Catherine Labouré beatified by Pope Pius XI 1933
  • 30 - Feast of St. Monica, Louise de Marillac makes a vow of widowhood -1623