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19 October in History

1641 After three years of hesitation, Jean F. de Gondi, the Archbishop of Paris, approves vows for the Congregation of the Mission.

1704 Sister M. Guerin dies. For many years she had been Louise’s secretary and was elected Superior General of the Daughters seven times. She is often referred to as the second founder of the Company. Under her leadership the Company was approve by the Holy See and the Rules of the Company were published.

1736 Four priests and a brother leave Barcelona to establish the Congregation in Mallorca.

1890 The cornerstone of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jerusalem is blessed. The Daughters of Charity will administer this hospital under the direction of Sister Sion.

1930 Our confrere Von Arx is arrested in China.

1611 Vincent becomes the last intermediary to donate 15,000 livres to the Charity Hospital in Paris that was administered by the Brother of Saint John of God. This money belonged to F. Treilles, G. Treilles, J Mercadde and P. Stabot, owners of the ship la Domingue, which was lost and sunk during a battle with the Spanish. As compensation this sum of money was ordered to be payed by the king.

Other Dates






  • 1 - "Centesimus Annus" John Paul II - 1991
  • 2 - Birthday of St. Catherine Labouré - 1806 (Pronounces vows for the first time 1835)
  • 2 - Vincent de Paul is installed as Cure of Clichy, France 1612
  • 4 - Jean-Marie Odin, CM ordained at St. Mary's in Perryville, MO 1823; will become the first Bishop of Galveston, Texas in 1848 and second Archbishop of New Orleans in 1861
  • 5 - "Challenge of Peace" US Bishop's - 1983
  • 11 - First Sisters of Charity of New York arrive in Halifax, Nova Scotia - 1849
  • 12 - Bishop Thaddeus Amat, CM second Bishop of Montery, CA, (presently Archdiocese of Los Angeles) dies in Los Angeles 1878
  • 12 - John Joseph Lynch, CM the first Archbishop of Toronto, Canada dies 1888
  • 15 - "Rerum Novarum" Leo XIII - 1891
  • 15 - "Quadregesimo Anno" Pius XI - 1931
  • 15 - "Octogesima Adveniens" Paul VI - 1971
  • 16 - St. Gianna Beretta Molla, canonized on May 16th, 2004
  • 17 - St. Vincent de Paul gives the community a copy of the Constitutions and Rules of the Congregation of the Mission 1658
  • 20 - Pier Giorgio Frassati, a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, beatified 1990
  • 21 - Vincent de Paul sends first missionaries to Madagascar 1648
  • 24 - Leo Raymond de Neckère, CM, is consecrated bishop at St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans 1830
  • 25 - Blessed Rosalie Rendu enters the Daughters of Charity in Paris 1802
  • 27 - St. Francis Regis Clet, CM beatified by Pope Leo XIII 1900
  • 28 - Catherine Labouré beatified by Pope Pius XI 1933
  • 30 - Feast of St. Monica, Louise de Marillac makes a vow of widowhood -1623