Quote of the Day – April 30

What does it matter where God is served, provided he is served, that it be done on behalf of souls for whom Jesus Christ has died, and that it be done through ways most advantageous for them (VII:346-347).

Quote of the Day – April 29

Let us remain lowly and be glad to be poor because when the world sees us debased in this way, it will despise us (VII:344).

Quote of the Day – April 28

Our Lord and Master calls all Missionaries to follow Him and through them the people whose salvation is entrusted to their care (VII:342-343).

Quote of the Day – April 27

Since God has been pleased to inspire you with this good work and to cause you to cast your eyes on us, His Divine Goodness wills also that we proceed in it simply and wholeheartedly (VII:236).

Quote of the Day – April 26

Every walk of life has its joys and sorrows; we have to drink both of them. Heaven suffers violence and we must renounce ourselves to follow Our Lord (VII:333).

Quote of the Day – April 25

If you are burdened by those vows it is because you do not submit your will to the yoke of Jesus Christ (VII:333).