Quote of the Day – June 26

One thing to which you should pay close attention is to destroy that evil spirit of drinking, which is a source of disorder among the clergy. To do so, you must strive to make them interior, prayerful persons, who will prefer to converse with God rather than to seek...

Quote of the Day – June 24

May God be pleased to grant all of them the grace to go from good to better, and to grant the whole Company the grace to grow in numbers and virtue (VIII:159).

Quote of the Day – June 23

We have a serious obligation to ask God to make us worthy of rendering to God and the people the services they expect from us (VIII:145).

Quote of the Day – June 22

Our vocation binds us to follow Our Lord, it obliges us also to renounce ourselves, that is, our will, our judgment, our pleasures, property, relatives, etc (VIII:126).