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Street Change: “Social” Strategies

Every donation helps homeless clients of Street Change fulfill a short-term need while advancing their progress toward better employment, healthcare, and permanent housing. Find out more. Download the App. “The hope is that offering the opportunity to get a new winter coat or a pair of shoes can be the icebreaker that gets enrollees working […]

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A global initiative of the Vincentian Family #famvin400

Congratulations! As our Vincentian Family marks the 400th Anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian charism, we celebrate this historic moment in our lives. It is a moment of grace for all the daughters and sons of the Vincentian movement. From around the world, the VFO has received these Vincentian Family plans! Click the little […]

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SVP Ireland Creates Hidden Homeless Estate Agency

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Ireland wanted to draw attention to the housing and homeless crisis and lack of social housing in Ireland. They also want to see “real progress on the targets for 2016 set out in ‘Rebuilding Ireland,’ the Government Action Plan for Housing.” So last week, for two days, they transformed the […]

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30 Years of Ministering to NYC’s Homeless Population

One of our sisters (Sister Dorothy Gallant, SC) knew a Sister of Mercy (Sister Teresa Skehan, RSM) and they were very distressed with the homeless people that they would meet on the street who often had no one to talk to, people would walk around them, almost treat them as if they were objects rather […]

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photo: Tony Abraham

By 2007, Green was unemployed, homeless and addicted to crack cocaine. #IamVincent

By 2007, Green was unemployed, homeless and addicted to crack cocaine. His wife moved back north. His children stopped talking to him. He wanted to die. In this startling narrative by Tony Abraham, we can really understand what it means to say #IamVincent. It also gives us a sense of the deep and profound work […]

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Laundry Trucks: Providing Homeless with Clean Clothing

It seems like all types of mobile service trucks are popping up these days – starting long ago with the beloved ice cream truck and more recently food trucks, fashion trucks and now…laundry trucks? It’s not your typical mobile service truck, but it serves a much greater purpose. Two years ago, Lucas Patchett and Nicholas […]

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Educated and Homeless: Cheryl’s Story of Survival

A former case manager shares about reality of mental illness and finding oneself homeless. At the height of her career, Cheryl was a case manager working for a mental health agency in Juneau, Alaska. She had two degrees from Northern Arizona University under her belt — in sociology and psychology. She was extremely knowledgeable in […]

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