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Daughters of Charity Visit Places Ransacked by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti with enormously destructive power once again bringing another disaster and misery to the land which is not yet fully rebuilt from earlier natural disasters. The international website of the Daughters of Charity has published report from of one of the Sister working in Haiti: Once again, our dear Haiti has been […]

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From War Relief to Hurricane Relief – A Vincentian Heritage

From the war torn provinces of 17th century France in the brutal Wars of Religion (echoed today?) to the devastation of 21st century hurricanes, Vincent and Vincentians illustrate a rich heritage of providing war relief and disaster relief. In his correspondence Vincent details at length his efforts to relieve the sufferings of the people caught up in […]

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Last Responders: Vincentian Disaster Relief

Extreme weather conditions are all over the news this summer, most recently the flooding in Louisiana. West Virginia is still trying to recover from extensive flooding that killed 23 people and damaged/destroyed over 1200 homes in June. Members of the Vincentian Family, specifically members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society are often called “last responders.” […]

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Path for Vincentian Family to aid flood victims

The Society of Vincent de Paul seems a natural path for members of the Vincentian Family who wish to aid flood victims. Please take time to read this communication from Gary Stevens about the needs and how the Society is already on the ground assisting. Society of St. Vincent de Paul Responding to Multiple Disasters […]

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Nepal: first activity report after earthquake

At exactly 11:56 am Saturday, 25th April 2015, the long overdue mega earthquake shook the entire country Nepal. The magnitude 7.8 earthquake caused 9,058 known fatalities, 16949 injuries, 400340 buildings damaged and much more. Over half of Nepal’s 75 districts have been affected, with 14 districts severely impacted. Amongst our Catholic community one death, few […]

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SVdP Responds to California Wildfires

Give Help & Hope to People in Need! Vincentians are working with families who have lost their homes to the Middletown Valley and other California wildfires. There are three Councils working with the survivors. SVdP volunteers have met with more than 300 families in just four days at the Disaster Assistance Center and Conferences are […]

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Typhoon Hagupit

14 Vincentian Family groups in path of Super Typhoon Hagupit

HAGUPIT Typhoon Hagupit is now a super-typhoon and most predict that it will make land-fall over the very same areas hard-hit by Yolanda. The CNN resident meteorologist has just characterized it as the strongest of super-typhoon this year. The following is a list of  Vincentian Family groups in the Philippines as found on the website […]

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