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The People United Will Never be Defeated • A Weekly Reflection with Louise

“Madame, I feel obliged to inform you that, for the past year, the Daughters of Charity at Chars have been sorely tried for two different reasons, both stemming from the Pastor’s zeal. One I cannot put into writing for you. The other pertains to the stability he wants to establish in this place and which […]

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Kennedy Love Loves the World

Kennedy Love-Green Loves the World #IamVincent

When she was accepted to the highly competitive Ozanam Scholars Program at St. John’s University, Kennedy Love-Green ’17CPS felt she was answering a calling. “I was drawn to St. John’s by God,” Kennedy said. Ozanam Scholars examine and seek solutions to real-world social justice issues, conduct research, complete a capstone project in their senior year, […]

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Go Out To The Peripheries • A Video From Fr. Tomaz Mavrič

In a new series of three videos, Fr. Tomaz Mavrič, CM invites us to continue to deepen the meaning of the Vincentian charism, of which we celebrate the 400th anniversary during this year 2017. The first of this new series, “The Globalization of Charity” and the second, “Your call,”  were already published in past weeks. […]

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End, and of course, Beginning, too, of our Seeking

Jesus is the beginning and the end of our efforts to seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. Christians should seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.  To make sure we start out well and end successfully, all we need to do is follow Jesus. Jesus begins his public ministry confirming the […]

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400 Years – A Time to Step Back

In a reflection “Four Hundred Years Since the Birth of the Vincentian Charism: A Time to Remember, a Time to Strengthen Our Identity And a Time for Prophecy”  Fr. José Antonio González P., CM invites us to step back to see the wider horizons of our Vincentian Charism: Introduction Every day, in a seemingly unconscious manner, history is […]

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Vincentians Live the Gospel – Vincentians Praying

Vincentians Live the Gospel – Vincentians Praying – New Covenant – Vincentians Embrace Faith Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast Vincentians Live the Gospel Mark 8:34-9:1 The true discovery of the true cost of being a disciple who is called… The Lord says that whoever wishes to come after Him must, “deny ourselves and take up […]

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Returning to the Sources

“The up-to-date renewal of the religious life comprises both a constant return to the sources of the whole of the Christian life and to the primitive inspiration of the institutes, and their adaptation to the changed conditions of our time.” This verse from Vatican II, (Decree on the Up-to-date Renewal of Religious life) is very […]

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