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The Sweet Presence of Mary in Our Life • Tales of the Miraculous Virgin

Our sweet Mother has always been with me, my family and my brothers in Christ, protecting us. Seven years ago my husband had just bought a car, a Yaris, we baptized him as the “MOBILE-MEDAL” because in him we visited sick people and went to Catechesis, and took our sisters to their homes after Holy […]

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Lord, Have Mercy • Tales of the Miraculous Virgin

This incident happened many years ago, but its impact is fresh on me. One evening our friend, Dr. Remy, a frenchman, asked us to help him trace a french tourist who has had an accident at the beach while swimming. He said he was at that moment admitted in the government hospital. My superior and […]

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A Family Devotion • Tales of the Miraculous Virgin

I was born and raised by my parents whose devotion to Mother Mary was so visible and encouraging! Mom taught me the “Memorare” a very powerful prayer to the Blessed Mother! I pray this prayer each day and especially when I have difficulties in life and somehow the Blessed Mother will always come to intercede […]

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The End of My Rope • Tales of the Miraculous Virgin

Facing a serious illness in 2000, I had reached the end of my rope. I tend to suffer from an exaggerated sense of self-sufficiency, but this time I was finished. With my hand on the medal that is always around my neck, I began to pray a “Hail Mary.” I had not been much for […]

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The History of Salvation in a Medal • Tales of the Miraculous Virgin

Some time ago, I asked the Virgin Mary to gift me a miraculous medal from the chapel of the rue du Bac in Paris. And in a year, the Virgin gave it to me through a priest. For me, the miracle medal is a compendium of the History of the Salvation of humanity. Kelvin Maldonado […]

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Carrying Mary on Our Neck, Lips and Heart • Tales of the Miraculous Virgin

I am convinced that Mary has intervened in my life in a miraculous way. When I was 19, a truck ran over me, and I was dragged several meters, going out from the back side of it, when it stopped. Miraculously, I had not a single scratch. Then I saw myself surrounded by people. I […]

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Resources – Miraculous Medal and Catherine Laboure

Resources for Feasts of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, St. Catherine Labouré St. Catherine Labouré was the Daughter of Charity who received and passed on a request from the Blessed Virgin Mary to create the Miraculous Medal worn today by millions of Christians, both Roman Catholic and non-denominational. Check out our collection of videos, […]

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