If Vincent were given a $1,000 to distribute…

Now here’s a question! With all the attention paid to the recent winners of the mega-lottery one piece caught my eye. “If you won what would you do?’ It prompted this question for visitors to famvin.

If Vincent were given $1,000 to by a wealthy benefactor, what would he have done?

  • How much of it would he have given to feed those who are poor or other forms of direct service?
  • How much of it would he have given to projects trying to change their environment?

Please click on the comment button and share how you think Vincent would have used this money today?

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3 Responses to If Vincent were given a $1,000 to distribute…

  1. georgia hedrick April 15, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    aH–IF I were to win the lottery (which is kind of impossible since I don’t buy lottery tickets) BUT IF I WON, first I’d pay off some local friends’ mortgages who are going into foreclosure. Then, buy to fill up our local food bank with foods for at least a year. Then, I’d pay off the mortgage on our parish church, anonomously of course. Then, I’d give to the V.A. to whatever departments needed money the most…such as homeless Vets.

    After all that, I’d put most of the rest into a Trust to start up a Catholic School System, for this area, like in the days of my youth, and I’d pay its teachers well.

    Should I have more to spend, I’d donate to Indian Reservation Schools, and their food banks as well.

    That’s what I’d do, if I won the lottery–the big one, that is. However since I don’t buy lottery tickets, the point is moot. gh

  2. Leone Clifton April 17, 2012 at 2:27 am #

    I always remember a village in New Guinea where the SVDP helped the people for over 20years and no improvement was made. Then when SVDP pulled out the people had to start to help themselves and the village thrived.
    Personally, I believe that people need to be trained to help themselves be it by providing tools, education, training, facilities, to enable them to help themselves. This can also work with our twinned St.V.(and I think it works very well here- give them water, oxen etc and they can grown their crops and herds).Locally though, many subsidise alternate lifestyles with help from Charities.I believe in the motto ‘ a hand up, not a handout’. If we do that then poverty will eventually decrease.

  3. cyril granada July 4, 2012 at 8:53 am #

    I will put a school for catechism for free giving preferences for people living in the mountains or rural folks. They will be sent to public schools to teach catechism. I training more catechists there will be lesser moral problems and everything follows. Simple living, lesser greed and God center populace. Some will enter religious life even.